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Parking Changes Effective April 1, 2021

The Parking Lot Committee has received several questions and inquiries regarding the plans for our south parking lot on Alamo Street. This is the lot that was formerly leased by the View House, of which they have decided not to renew with us. After exploring several options, we are moving forward with converting that lot to a paid lot, available to the public. Along with charging for public parking, we have also contracted with an enforcement company for the Alamo lot.

Below are frequently asked questions and answers so that we all understand the new process. Please bear in mind these answers mostly pertain to our south lot on Alamo and not our west parking lot behind the Lodge building. Besides the new parking stickers, everything will remain the same for our west lot.

  1. Can I have more than 1 pass since I have multiple cars? While there has been discussion on providing multiple passes for members who pay for them, they will not be required. If a current member parks in the south lot without a sticker, they can get a code from the bartender to enter into the kiosk, therefore avoiding any parking charges.
  2. Will my old sticker be recognized? No, your old sticker will no longer be valid or recognized. In the past, people would join our Lodge just to get the parking privileges. In order to allow the enforcement company to do its job, and create revenue for the Lodge, a valid, current parking sticker is required require unless you have a code.
  3. Can I laminate my sticker & move between cars? This is not recommended as the sticker has to be in a specific place to be recognized by the enforcement company. Theoretically, if you taped your sticker in the correct spot each time it would work to bypass the enforcement.
  4. The placement of the sticker obscures my vision, can I place it anywhere else? The sticker should be located just below your oil change reminder and should not interfere with your vision when applied in the correct place.
  5. Do I need the sticker to park in our west lot? The new stickers are for the enforcement company and will be recognized in the south lot. A valid sticker is still required for our west lot, but it will not be subject to the same enforcement as the south lot.
  6. If I invite a guest, do they have to pay? Guests parking in the south lot are required to pay, unless they are Elks members from another lodge in which case, they would get a code from the bartender to park free of charge.
  7. Why doesn't my spouse get a sticker? As above, spouses can still park in the west lot or obtain a code from the bartender to use in the kiosk to avoid having to pay
  8. As a widow or widower do I get a sticker? A widow or widower can park in the west lot, but to park in the south lot, they will need to obtain the code from the bartender and enter it to bypass the enforcement company.
  9. Can I buy extra parking stickers? This has been discussed additional stickers will be available for $10 but you really don't need one as described above.
  10. Will we still be able to block the lot for Lodge functions? Yes, we have worked with the enforcement company to not enforce any parking on provided dates for Lodge functions.
  11. I don't like the idea of a pay parking lot can it be removed? The paid lot is good for the Lodge as we need revenue after the View House has not renewed their lease. In the past, the View House paid us more than $42,000 a year so we needed to find a way to make up that deficit. As  mentioned above, current Elk members will always park free at our Lodge.

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